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Wanae Life CBD Products without the THC. No prescription needed. Become a Wanae CBD Influencer and make money. 


Wanae owns the entire Farm-to-Shelf process. They own the largest production facilities of hemp and CBD oil in the United States and Canada. They have a world-class laboratory, the very best chemical engineers, and adhere to the highest possible standards of ingredient quality and safety. The end result is quality CBD products.

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Wanae Spectrum is our signature CBD product available in a 15MG and 30MG. The CBD is an all natural plant based product packed with essential vitamins, minerals

and omega fatty acids.*


Get a healthy pick me up with Wanae ENERGY. This CBD product helps stimulate mental awareness and reduce brain fog with natural amino acids, caffeine and CBD.


Wanae CALM may help you sleep better and ease nervous tension. CALM contains 15MG of CBD and 0%THC. Move on a stay CALM.*

super ai

Wanae SUPER AI helps support bone and joint repair. SUPER AI contains 15MG of CBD contains 0% THC and is formulated to boost daily supplements.


Wanae PURE is simple, clean & powerful CBD. The CBD is extracted & formulated with our Farm-to-Shelf Hemp, rendering a THC-Free & highly potent tincture, infused with a refreshing mint taste.*


Our pets suffer from anxiety, joint discomfort, and many of the same disorders as humans. Just as with our human line of products, we only use the highest standards for our ingredients for PET products.

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Wanae has unique CBD Farm to Shelf products that balance the body and mind. They are committed to delivering the highest quality hemp products derived from plants grown and extracted in the United States of America and Canada. Products are pesticide-free, and contain 0% THC. 

Direct to Consumer

No Middleman

100% Product Control

Lab Tested for Accuracy

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The Endocannabinoid System 

This intricate system is found inside everyone. This network of receptors is located through out our body and brain. When activated they allow a 2-way communication between systems. 

There are over 85 cannabinoids that have been found in hemp with CBD just being one of them. The popularity is due to it having a large range of benefits with little to no side effects. The fact that it doesn’t cause the typical psycho-active effects normally tied to marijuana is perhaps the largest appeal. 

Wanae is sourced from the highest quality distributors that are fully compliant with regulations. CO2 is extracted with crystal precipitation, producing hemp that is also rich in CBN, CBG, and CBC.


The CBD oil can help balance your body and mind. It's completely legal and doesn’t require a prescription. Here are common areas that CBD can help...

BRAIN - CBD may act as an anti-psychotic, anti-depressant and may reduce anxiety.

HEART - Cannabinoids may act as a anti-ischemic and may prevent plaque buildup in arteries.

HANDS - Cannabinoids have demonstrated analgesic properties and may reduce Rhumatoid Arthritis.

BODY - Cannabinoids have demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties and may reduce pain.

BONES - CBD may promote healthy bone growth and reduce the effects of Osteoporosis.

EYES - CBD may act as a vasorelaxant and may impact Glaucoma.

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CBD is Projected to be a $22 Billion Dollar Industry by 2022. Join our team. Wanae is currently at the ground level and you have a TON of potential.

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2018 Farm Bill by the U.S. and House Agriculture Committee legalized hemp in all 50 states.


In 2017 the W.H.O. recommends CBD to all 194 Nations.

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New Report Predicts CBD Market Will Hit $22 Billion by 2022. 4000% growth in 3 years- ARTICLE 

According to Forbes, CBD will grow by 700% in next few years.

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 Wanae CBD oil is great for your health but EVEN BETTER for you financially. Live your life. Become more financially secure. 


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If you have questions about product or would like to become a CBD influencer contact us today. Wanae Life is among the TOP distributors of Wanae products. Feel better and make money with Wanae.

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